Coming from the Arabic Zanjibar, which translates to “black coast”, its name can be seen as a contradiction to everything it is. From its intersecting narrow alleys and bazars to its effervescent wildlife, Zanzibar brims over with the possibility for adventure. Experience its technicolour spirit by getting a fast quote from Air Charter Service to charter flights to Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is full of distinctively beautiful places to visit, one of which is Stone Town - a labyrinthine mass of tapered alleyways, vibrant bazars and ornately decorated houses. Wander around it for long enough and you may lose your way, but don’t worry, all paths lead to Creek Road or the seafront so you’ll never be lost for long. But that’s the beauty of this archipelago. Having coaxed you out of your comfort zone, its unfamiliar wonders seem that much more astounding. Take Jozani Forest as another example: as one of the last remaining sanctuaries in the world for the red colobus monkeys, the forest’s winding nature trails ensure you catch a glimpse of a member of this endangered species. If you’re very lucky, you may even spot the Zanzibar leopard, an allegedly extinct species whose supernatural lore exists today amongst natives. As a result of its humid climate, the forest teems with life that thrives upon the moisture loving air and soil, so don’t be surprised if you’re surrounded by a vivid cloud of beating butterfly ones one second and the solemnly choral tones of forest birds the next. Add turquoise blue and white to your palette by heading to Pemba, an undiscovered island nestled within the Swahili Coast in the Indian Ocean. A coastline punctuated by deep lagoons and a 50 kilometre wide channel between the island and the mainland make for excellent breeding grounds for fishes.

Colonisation of this island has led to a diverse spectrum of flavours within its cuisine, from spices, coconut and citrus brought over by the Persians in the 9th century to the introduction of maize and pineapple when the Portugese conquered the African Great Lakes in the 15th and 16th centuries. Located atop a rock on the sky blue waters of the Indian Ocean, this restaurant offers a striking combination of high-end traditional cuisine and arresting scenery. This exclusive restaurant has a maximum of 12 tables in it, but reservations secure you a seafood experience like no other: from seafood spaghetti to fish carpaccio and a stunning pasta seafood salad. Emerson Spice Rooftop House is also another eclectic choice for a night of traditional cuisine. Located in Zanzibar Town so that diners benefit from 360-degree towns over Stone Town, an elaborately carved gazebo is home to a wide number of flavourful dishes with an emphasis on seafood.

Get the best of all Zanzibar has to offer when it comes to your stay. Azure waters and sunshine meld with the potential for excitement on Chumbe Island Coral Park near Stone Park, to ensure that you’re never too far from your next adventure. Having teamed its untouched coral reefs with an eco-sensibility to sustain its appeal, the German founders of the spectacular seven thatch bungalows, or Bandas, in the park have ensured that nature-loving visitors get to explore the island in good conscience. Whether that’s snorkelling in its coral reefs amongst flamboyantly coloured shoals of fish or taking in the sight of a rare coconut crab as a result of the walks in the forests and tidal zones. With a maximum of 14 guests on the island at any one time, Chumbe Island Coral Park offers an exclusive and memorable stay.

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