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How to charter a private jet

9 July 2015

If you’ve never chartered, the process can seem a little daunting, so here’s our step by step guide.

Chartering for the first time can be a little daunting, with so many aircraft and terminal choices, how can you find out which is right for you? This is where Air Charter Service (ACS) can help. Chartering for the first time shouldn’t just be about throwing out a price, it should be about carefully crafting your ideal solution, finding the best aircraft and terminal to suit your needs. We make it simple, by taking care of everything for you.

When we receive your enquiry, be it by email, the form on the website or by phone call, we need some basic information. The first is where you want to travel from and to. This may sound simple but what we mean by this, is your start and end destinations, not Gatwick to JFK. Because we’re experts in the charter industry, we may know an airport or airstrip closer or better suited to your needs. Secondly we’ll want to know who’s travelling, and why. This can help us to ensure we choose the right aircraft and airport for you. Say you’re going skiing or biking, we’ll need to ensure your aircraft has adequate space for your skis or bicycles.

As soon as you make an enquiry you are assigned a personal account manager, they are available 24/7 and will be working with you every step of the way through your charter request. They will also look after any further charters for you. After you have supplied them with all the required information, your account manager will go away and check their database of over 50,000 aircraft to ensure they find the ones most suitable to your needs. They will then return to you with a minimum of three charter options; one will be the cheapest option we can find, the next would be something a little more comfortable, and the third would be a luxury option. They will also explain why they have chosen each option and offer recommendations on what they feel is the best fit for you. Taking all this into account, the final decision is yours.

Once you have made your choice your personal account manager will check the option is still available and then send you a booking request form. This will include all the information you need, including an agreed schedule of departures, which they will then ask you to initial and sign, before scanning to return via email. Your account manager will then require payment to secure the aircraft on your behalf. Once this has taken place your account manager will secure the aircraft and start applying for slots, handling etc. Once everything is confirmed you will receive a charter itinerary with everything you need to know, including handling agents and airport addresses, aircraft registration, crew names and a contact number. This is more just for your information though as your account manager will deal with all the logistics and pass on any questions or requests for you.

Once everything is booked, your personal account manager will request passenger passport details to send across to customs and ask whether there are any dietary requirements or specific catering requests. Up until the day you travel you can get in contact with your account manager at any time, with any questions you may have. They can also book transfers for you to and from the airport should you wish. Once you arrive you will either transfer straight through security to the aircraft, or if you’re early you can wait in the terminal if the airport requires you to take off during a specific slot. After the flight they will send you a post flight report with the actual timings and feedback from you the crew if available. They will then go through the feedback to ensure any questions or queries that may have been raised are answered.

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